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"Monsters Inc." themed 1st Birthday cake smash.

Monsters Inc themed cake smash
Monsters Inc themed cake smash

What a perfect theme for this little lady's 1st birthday cake smash.. Whilst she made me work hard for those few smiles, one thing she did not have to make me work hard for was getting freakin ADORABLE photo's. Nailing the brief and making my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard, she absolutely annihilated that cake.

Now let's just chat about this outfit for a minute "Shall we".. (haha, did you see what I did their - those who know the movie will get it) but UM, seriously when I found this online I nearly died. Most Monsters Inc. themed cake smashes would have a little girl dressed as Boo, but I found this costume and was like YES!!! a little girl "Sully" <3

There were no prompts or sneaky little treats necessary for this cake smash. She knew exactly what to do. And if you think she was done once we put her in the bath, think again. She was straight back over the side of the bath and going in for the rest of it.

Below is the video of her cake smash, and I'm telling you, you need to watch to the end because it is totally the BEST!!

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