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Kendal - 5 Days : Newborn photography Brisbane, Ormeau, Gold Coast

Wow, I cant believe what a busy year it has been & it's been so long since I did a blog, so thought I would give a quick catch-up of some of the most adorable newborns I have had in the studio in the last few months since I last posted.

1st up, Meet Kendal... Kendal was 5 days new when she came to see me fresh out of hospital lol, Mum & Dad hadn't even taken her home yet. To say I was super excited for this shoot is an understatement. Kendal's Mum is Kirra Longmuir (Owner of Trendz Hair Studio). So with that obviously comes some beauty set-ups & Kendal rocked these poses. I was lucky enough to have Kirra & hubby Charlie film some little behind the scenes video of her shoot which I'll pop below.

We were also able to snap some super cute awake shots too as this little beauty did not want to miss a second of her newborn shoot & was awake for a lot of her session <3

Guys if your looking for an AMAZING hairdresser check out

Thanks so much Kirra & Charlie for choosing Studio KSA to photograph your new little family & I hope you cherish your photo's.

Every girl needs a little Tiffany & Co in their lives right....

All shopped out

WIDE awake & watching me the whole time lol :-)

Seriously, these are some of my favourite family snaps. There is just so much love and connection here <3

Aaannd last but not least, when your born at the yummiest chocolatey time of year, we simply had to do an Easter photo. I think that smile says it all :-)

Thank you for stopping by the blog!

If you are ready to schedule your newborn session, please fill out a contact form and I will be in touch shortly.

To view more images, stop by the newborn portfolio page.


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