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"Creating Magic: Dreamy Newborn Disney-Baby Photo Shoots"

Did you know that most of my Disney themed newborn photo's are requested by a parent who has a LOVE or OBSESSION with certain character/character's.. I hear so many beautiful stories of why they love a certain character and why it's important to capture their new baby with a certain theme.

So which set-ups are the most popular? For girls, it's hands down the Cinderella carriage... I mean who doesn't think of Cinderella when they hear the word Princess. I have the most beautiful Cinderella Coach newborn prop which is one of my most requested newborn photo's for girls, and it's not hard to understand why 💝

Newborn Cinderella Princess photo

Ipswich, Brisbane and surrounds Newborn Photographer

I mean look at all these gorgeous Disney Princess's... We have Belle from Beauty & The Beast, Snow White, Moana, Anna & Elsa from Frozen, Jasmine from Aladdin & Tinker-bell.

Not all Hardcore Disney fan's love the Princess's though, Maybe you're like me & LOVE Winnie the Pooh ❤️

How freakin adorable are these teeny tiny newborn twins I had in the studio as Pooh Bear & Piglet.

Winnie the Pooh themed newborn photoshoot
Ipswich Newborn Photography

Winnie the Pooh themed newborn photoshoot
Ipswich Newborn Photography

So what about the most popular Disney theme for baby boys, well Harry Potter is a clear winner.. Mind you, I do have the occasional Hardcore Harry Potter parent who simply needs their young wizardess (if that's even a word lol) to be photographed in a Harry Potter scene. Gryffindor or Slytherin, even Mandrakes...

Other popular Disney themes for your newborn shoot are Star Wars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Aladdin, Lord of the Rings & Alice in Wonderland

Monsters Inc themed newborn photo
Ipswich Newborn Photography

Lets not forget one of the most famous characters to the Disney name - Minnie Mouse. I've not had any requests for a newborn themed Mickey Mouse yet so I'll just finish this post off with some GORGEOUS newborn PINK Minnie Mouseketeers 💝

If newborn babies in adorable Disney outfits makes your heart skip a little beat as much as they do mine, don't forget to follow my social pages, for behind the scenes video's and reels of some of these gorgeous newborn Disney Babies.

Want to book your own newborn session in my Ipswich home photo studio? Get in touch by using any of the below methods and we can chat available dates.

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Feb 16

You are so good with the newbies! I when I find a new reel of yours I always get so invested- and watch all of them. Such soft hands working with these sweet ones. Well done you.❤️


Feb 15

Just what the doctor ordered. I could look at these all day long.


Feb 14

Beautiful pictures, you do such a fantastic job. May your new location be a success. 💜🩷💙💚💛


Feb 14

When I was young, I would stand outside of the photography store that took children's pictures and just watch. I would then come home and pose my baby dolls and take pictures. Watching you takes me back to those days MANY years ago. If I had a child, it would be hard not to fly to you from the USA for a photo shoot. Which Disney would I want? Pooh all the way!


Feb 13

Like Cher, i’d like to turn back time, about 40 years to be exact to when my Josh was a newborn so that you could photograph him in one of your phenomenal sets. I stumbled upon your Facebook site and I’m hooked on the beautiful babies, phenomenal sets, and your incredible eye for a spectacular photo. I’ve visited other fb newborn sites but you have a real eye for details. Most of all, your joy of doing what you love shows through and I especially love your tenderness with the newborns. Keep on creating heirlooms for the littles and their families.

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