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Skyler || Harley Davidson cake smash 2024

Updated: May 25

Ipswich, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Scenic Rim and surrounds custom Cake Smash Photography

Pink Harley Davidson Cake Smash
Harley Davidson Cake Smash

When Mum suggested maybe doing a girly styled "Harley Davidson" cake smash for this little lady's cake smash, I was like HELL YES!!!

How fun to colour change all the orange that is typically part of the Harley Davidson logo to bright PINK.

So because these guys travelled an hour to get here, little Miss had a big sleep in the car and although she was a little clingy to start with, she soon warmed up and gave us all the personality.

I just need to make mention also and congratulate Mum on doing an amazing job with the cake (even though Skyler wasn't into it, at all lol). I generally make all my cakes to match my themes except for when baby's have an allergy. Unfortunately, this was one of those times. Miss Skyler has an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts so I was not supplying the cake for this one. However after a few tips on what to do, Mum was all over it.

I found this ridiculously adorable Harley Davidson romper with built in tattoo sleeves and it was so PERFECT to go with the little pink tutu and pink sunglasses.

So even though she pretty much hated the cake, these photo's are the best. They tell the whole story of how her 1st birthday cake smash went down. I'll pop her video down below also. ENJOY!!


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