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A story of Hope.. Shaye & Eddie's "Happy Ever After"...

Updated: Jun 1

Sometimes in life people cross paths & you just know you were meant to meet. I met Shaye & Eddie when Shaye responded to my model call for a Mummy pregnant with a rainbow baby. We clicked straight away & as we chatted further our stories were similar, and I could immediately relate to her pain. Now her beautiful rainbow angel - Azarah Faith is here and I am honoured to be able to share their story,

"Rainbow Baby" A baby born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. The rainbow does not negate the effects of the storm, but offers a sign of hope at the end.

My husband and I have been together for 15 years & have a 21 year old son who my husband has raised as his own.

We decided to try for a baby in 2003 & fell pregnant straight away, but our world came crashing down when we found out the pregnancy was an ectopic pregancy resulting in us losing our daughter Harmony at 16 weeks gestation and sadly loosing my left fallopian tube. We were heart broken.

Not long after that we fell pregnant again. The excitement of this pregnancy was short lived though when in January 2004 our hearts were broken for the second time with the news of another ectopic pregnancy. Thankfully this time the right fallopian tube was safe.

We asked ourselves why life can be so cruel when all we wanted was to be parents again. We faced life head on and came to grips that we were never going to be blessed with another child.

13 years later in 2016, we found out we were pregnant again. But I was in lots of pain & knew something was not right, I knew it was another ectopic pregnancy which was confirmed in May 2016, resulting in the loss of our 3rd baby & my right fallopian tube.

Our only option now was to start our journey through IVF. In July 2017 we collected 4 eggs and out of the 4 eggs only 2 made it to transfer. On September the 25th 2017 we transfered 1 out of the 2 embryos & 5 days later we got a positive pregnancy test.

My husband and I, along with our 21 year old son were over the moon & our hearts were finally filled with so much love and joy.

We had our dating scan at 7 weeks and it was than that I seen a heart beat and my little bubba, it was all surreal.

This was our little announcement to the world that Baby Ditcham was due in June 2018

At 20 weeks we had another ultrasound where the sonographer informed our son Harley of the gender and off he went to organise an epic gender reveal.

It was here a week later we found out we were having a little girl.

Fast forward to 20th April where I had the honour to capture these beautiful maternity photo's for Shaye & Eddie. We had a lovely afternoon at the beach down the Gold Coast.

On the 26th of May, 3 weeks before our baby girls due date my waters broke and she entered into this world.

Our life has changed forever and have been blessed with the most precious gift of life.

"Never lose faith" we always told ourselves. We are so blessed and honored to introduce to the world, our beautiful baby girl - Azarah Faith Ditcham, a healthy 7lb 3oz... Our little angel sent from above.

Thank you Shaye & Eddie for letting me share your story, and for those of you still fighting your infertility battle, please know that there is hope.

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